Goodbye Fan Expo Canada – Hello Edmonton Expo!

So the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto is over… What a gong-show! But we won’t get into how disorganized it was on the convention’s part…

Instead I wanted to talk about all the awesome stuff I did and people I met :) Elijah Wood – even more adorably hot in person; Ted Raimi – Such a little known actor and chatted me up about a pendant I was wearing, just a super nice guy; Ian Somerholder – really nice and very enthusiastic guy. I got to give him a gift (on behalf of my friend) and he was so nice. Arthur Darvill – he was obviously rushed but he was polite and all smiles. Nice guy.

Met some really nice volunteers a midst all the absolutely HORRIBLE ones. And a really nice private security guard who was really accommodating and had a great sense of humour.

Got to meet a guy named John and his wife Kirstin. He works on shows like One Upon a Time and now the new Flash. Bit of a potty-mouth but really lively and entertaining.

Best part though? I met a wonderful artist that made the trip over the pond named Alice – or “Blue”. Her company is called DestinyBlue. And it is beautiful. All digital paints but they all seem to glow (I’ll try and post photos of her work later). They are eerie and touch a part of you so deep it’s moving. When I hop back over to the UK someday I plan to attend some of their comic-cons and maybe I’ll get to hang out with her and her very quiet and polite boyfriend.

Check out her art at:

So overall a good experience – or that’s how I’m choosing to remember it. The airport, convention organizers and just overall con weren’t so fantastic, but it’s the little moments I’ll choose to hold on to.