Fan Expo Canada!!

Hello all! I will be heading to the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto at the end of the month to help out my good friend Camilla d’Errico at her booth (P10).

I’ll be doing some fun Cosplays that I hope to post photos of  afterwards. Camilla d’Errico’s original character/story concept Tanpopo will definitely be making an appearance though. You should go meet her ;) Or at least buy the books.

Fun times will be had!

Year of Comic Cons

This has been a great year so far for me when it comes to travel and comic cons. I made a quick visit to Chicago for some plays (but United screwed me and I was delayed 6 hours – that’s another story). As well as a trip to the Okanagan for a beersby tournament (fun times were had by all – next year I compete!) But since April alone I have been to THREE comic conventions/expos and I will be attending 2 more before September is over.

Typically in the last few years I have done only two conventions: Edmonton and Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expos. But this year I have/will attend: Fan Expo Vancouver, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, San Diego Comic Con (jealous?), Fan Expo Canada (Toronto) and Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. Every single one of these I have had the great pleasure to work at a booth with my very talented friend Camilla d’Errico’s.

I love conventions and meeting fans and new people in the industry. I had the great pleasure to meet the gentlemen behind Nuvango (formerly And I’ll get to see them again at the end of the month at Fan Expo Canada.

One of the BEST experiences I’ve had was getting to meet one of my favourite authors and the man behind The Last Unicorn: Peter S. Beagle and his publisher Connor Cochran. Both wonderful men with stories to share.

I look forward to years to come of more conventions and networks expanded. 2014 may have been a dark year personally and physically but it’s been a fantastic time for travel and experiences had.

Robin Williams – you will be missed

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here,  posted anything or worked on the page’s formatting. And that’s not for lack of projects or stuff made or things done or places gone… 
With the recent and tragic death of Robin Williams it’s helped shed some much needed light on the issue of mental health and suicides.
Robin Williams was a great man and a huge part of my childhood – and my life. It’s a tragic loss and ever so much so knowing he chose to take his own life. It’s often those who bring smiles to those around them that feel the most isolated and alone.
I’ve struggled with depression for most of my adult life. Recently I have come through some very hard personal issues and have struggled with where I want to go in my life next. I’ve secluded myself and have been low for months. While there are bright moments in the dark it’s always difficult to remember and hold onto those when you feel empty; bereft.
I’m ok and I will continue to work toward being better. I just hope that if you ever feel you have nowhere to turn and there’s no way out that there is always help. You just need to put out your hand and someone will be there to help you back up again.
And even if I don’t know you personally: I’m here if you ever feel you have nowhere else to turn; to listen, to give guidance, to direct you in the right direction for help you may need.
There are SO many resources out there. I hope if you’re in the dark you can find your way to the light again.