Merry Bah-Humbug!

So now that it officially December Christmas is EVERYWHERE. Even since mid-November you’re being bombarded from every angle. I don’t dislike Christmas, I just didn’t grow up having a great time at Christmas so Christmas sort of sneaks up on me and I usually only feel the “spirit” the day of or maybe Christmas Eve.

As much as I enjoy finding gifts for people I also enjoy MAKING gifts for people. As long as I give myself enough time and actually start when I have enough time… Such doesn’t seem the case this year. Darn-it self and your procrastinating ways! They shall get done… Only if I hunker down and if stuff I start doesn’t continue to BREAK so I have to start over… *shakes fist*

I have quite a few projects this year. Some custom painted toys, perhaps a decoration or two, and two gifts that will be called “Christmas” gifts but most likely wont be completed until some time next year: a custom art portfolio (leather and all things fancy!) and a custom wood cupcake tree as a gift for a friend’s wedding next September – but we are calling it a Chrismas gift. Mostly I just have little stuff to finish/start/conceptualize, so I should be finished before Christmas. But if not: it’s the thought that counts – right?… RIGHT?

Oh man… I should just quit my day job! Then I’ll have all-day everyday!