Happy anniversary!!!

So it’s been one years since I got this website and I’m feeling a little bummed that I haven’t accomplished more and that I haven’t got it to look the way I want it to. But I’m hoping for that to change before the New Year (or over the holidays). I will be employing a good friend of mine to help redesign the site. Money I don’t REALLY have but if this is something that I really want to do then I need to spend money to make money RIGHT??

A lot has happened in this last year. A lot of pretty awesome things and I thought maybe I’d share some!

1) The Year of Conventions: I was very fortunate and got to go to 5 conventions this year with my friend and favourite artist Camilla d’Errico. Vancouver, Calgary, SAN DIEGO (WOOT WOOT!!!), Toronto and Edmonton. I hope to be able to try out some different ones next year – perhaps New York and Komicazee. But we shall see.

2) Networking and new friends: At these conventions I got to meet some fantastic people involved in the industry of comics and art and tv. Drinks were had, food was eaten, crabs were broken and bags were smelt. Adapia d’Errio was a great pleasure to finally meet – Camilla’s sister and all around great person and very active in the art community. Conor McCreery of Kill Shakespeare is my new favourite ginger; super nice guy, incredibly talented and very outgoing. John Gallagher and his wife Kirstin were certainly a delight. John is no nonsense and has a very clear view of the world of good vs. BAD tv. That’s always an interesting topic with him. Kirstin is very kind and really funny and I LOVE HER LEGGINGS. I also got to meet Kalan and his booth minions for the reboot of Captain Canuck. and the boys behind Nuvango.com (formerly Gelaskins.com) Cale and Brian. So funny. Really encouraging. And love to make fun of me. And the talented UK artist Alice behind DestinyBlue. I haven’t been as excited about anyone’s art since I first discovered Camilla’s stuff. Fantastic stuff!

3) Peter S. Beagle and The Last Unicorn: This year was the Canadian theater tour for The Last Unicorn (and it has continued into the US and is still going right now and until 2016). This is my favourite movie of all time. Always has been and always will be. I was lucky enough to see this movie for the first time in my life on the big screen in a theater in Vancouver over the Easter weekend (and Fan Expo Vancouver). I may have cried a little. Ok, I silently cried like a baby for the first few minutes after it started. But it was one of the single best moments of my life. I also got to meet Peter S. Beagle – the author of the novel and for the screenplay for the movie. WHAT A WONDERFUL MAN. I cannot stress that enough. I made a joke to my mom when I found out he would be at the Fan Expo in Vancouver that I was going to ask him if I could add his signature to my Last Unicorn Tattoo. She said it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So I did. And he said “Absolutely. I’m a part of many tattoos. I’d be blessed.” I may have had to quickly leave because I was so happy and was going to cry. He was at the Calgary Expo as well and so I got the signature from him there. I planned to get it done as soon as possible by the artist I usually see, but as kismet would have it there was a tattoo studio exhibiting at the expo and offering autograph tattoos at $100 flat. Suffice to say I got in line right then and got it 2 hours later. Many pictures were taken by Peter’s rep and I’ve been told that it will be featured in the Canadian Tour special edition re-release of The Last Unicorn. Oh man am I excited! I also spent some time chatting with Peter’s publisher Connor Cochrane of Cochrane Press. Really nice guy. Very talkative and very personable. Looking to collaborate with Camilla in the future (you’re welcome Camilla – I got you another networking opportunity! not that you needed my help…)

4) Celebrities Met: Ted Raimi, Elijah Wood, Ian Sommerholder, Arthur Darvill, Morena Baccarin, Michael Rosenbalm, Bruce Campbell, Adrian Paul, Amy Acker, Jim Byrnes, George RR Martin, etc… Others that I can’t think of right now. But I’m still super jealous that Camilla got to spend time with Nathan Fillion… Damn having to watch the booth!!

5) Exercise!!! So I can be a bit of a sloth and I know I’ve needed to be more active in the last few years. I do play dodgeball and have played up to 4 nights a week, but injuries have made me have to slow down and therefore I don’t get as much exercise. I still play dodgeball but this year the boyfriend has started to get me to the gym and we are going for walks. I did The Walking Dead zombie run in San Diego with Camilla – which was fun by eye opening about how out of shape I am haha. Also did an obstacle course that I did well on but pretty much walked the whole way (not really the point of it but I think I did well!). Next year I hope to do Mud Hero again (year before last), perhaps another one or two obstacle courses too and to continue getting into better shape. I’m feeling pretty confident.

6) Choir: I haven’t been in a choir since high school many moons ago. But I joined one this year and so far I am enjoying myself. They are a great group of people and the group is called Edmonton Vocal Minority.

7) Anniversary: 5 years with the boyfriend was reached this May. Celebrations were had and he moved in in July. Taking so good steps I think.

8) Writing: I am writing again. Camilla encouraged me to start writing again even if no one sees it. She suggested Doctor Who fan fiction. I may or may not be doing that… But I will be participating in the Write a Novel in a Month challenge starting November 1st and ending Nov. 30th. The challenge is to write a minimum 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Good or bad. Probably bad. But just to get you writing. WE SHALL SEE!! I have some ideas rattling around in my brain that I would like to get out. So fingers crossed I make it.


This has been a great year so far in many ways. And despite my constant struggle with depression I feel like there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel and that there are many wonderful things for me to look forward to and to be happy about. Things can only get better!

End of a Season

After 5 conventions this year my season has come to an end with the Edmonton Expo this past weekend. It has been a fantastic time working with Camilla d’Errico. Getting to spend time with fantastic artists and making new friends. John Gallagher and his with Kirstin, Conor McCreery (that damn Irish) of Kill Shakespeare, Kalan of Captain Canuck, Laurie B, the boys of Nuvango.com, DestinyBlue, Nicole of Cute Glass and all the other booth minions!

Got myself some fun swag. Reacquainted myself with some old cartoons and comics. Got a few autographs. Ate copious amounts of food and ingested FAR too much coffee. And walked at least 11,000 steps every day of a convention… 176000 steps! I should have lost like 15lbs… But alas.

I hope to do at least a few of the same ones I did this year again next year. Possibly switch some up and try new cities out. Perhaps New York or Chicago (even though I’ve been to Chicago before – not the convention though).

These are the conventions I made it to this year:

Vancouver Fan Expo; Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo; San Diego Comic Con (WOOOOOO!!!!); Canada Fan Expo (Toronto) and Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Depending on what Camilla visits next year I may try out New York and Saskatoon. But I’d for sure love to do Vancouver and San Diego again. But we shall see what funds allow.

Goodbye Fan Expo Canada – Hello Edmonton Expo!

So the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto is over… What a gong-show! But we won’t get into how disorganized it was on the convention’s part…

Instead I wanted to talk about all the awesome stuff I did and people I met :) Elijah Wood – even more adorably hot in person; Ted Raimi – Such a little known actor and chatted me up about a pendant I was wearing, just a super nice guy; Ian Somerholder – really nice and very enthusiastic guy. I got to give him a gift (on behalf of my friend) and he was so nice. Arthur Darvill – he was obviously rushed but he was polite and all smiles. Nice guy.

Met some really nice volunteers a midst all the absolutely HORRIBLE ones. And a really nice private security guard who was really accommodating and had a great sense of humour.

Got to meet a guy named John and his wife Kirstin. He works on shows like One Upon a Time and now the new Flash. Bit of a potty-mouth but really lively and entertaining.

Best part though? I met a wonderful artist that made the trip over the pond named Alice – or “Blue”. Her company is called DestinyBlue. And it is beautiful. All digital paints but they all seem to glow (I’ll try and post photos of her work later). They are eerie and touch a part of you so deep it’s moving. When I hop back over to the UK someday I plan to attend some of their comic-cons and maybe I’ll get to hang out with her and her very quiet and polite boyfriend.

Check out her art at: http://destinyblue.deviantart.com/

So overall a good experience – or that’s how I’m choosing to remember it. The airport, convention organizers and just overall con weren’t so fantastic, but it’s the little moments I’ll choose to hold on to.

Fan Expo Canada!!

Hello all! I will be heading to the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto at the end of the month to help out my good friend Camilla d’Errico at her booth (P10).

I’ll be doing some fun Cosplays that I hope to post photos of  afterwards. Camilla d’Errico’s original character/story concept Tanpopo will definitely be making an appearance though. You should go meet her ;) Or at least buy the books.

Fun times will be had!

Year of Comic Cons

This has been a great year so far for me when it comes to travel and comic cons. I made a quick visit to Chicago for some plays (but United screwed me and I was delayed 6 hours – that’s another story). As well as a trip to the Okanagan for a beersby tournament (fun times were had by all – next year I compete!) But since April alone I have been to THREE comic conventions/expos and I will be attending 2 more before September is over.

Typically in the last few years I have done only two conventions: Edmonton and Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expos. But this year I have/will attend: Fan Expo Vancouver, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, San Diego Comic Con (jealous?), Fan Expo Canada (Toronto) and Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. Every single one of these I have had the great pleasure to work at a booth with my very talented friend Camilla d’Errico’s.

I love conventions and meeting fans and new people in the industry. I had the great pleasure to meet the gentlemen behind Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins.com). And I’ll get to see them again at the end of the month at Fan Expo Canada.

One of the BEST experiences I’ve had was getting to meet one of my favourite authors and the man behind The Last Unicorn: Peter S. Beagle and his publisher Connor Cochran. Both wonderful men with stories to share.

I look forward to years to come of more conventions and networks expanded. 2014 may have been a dark year personally and physically but it’s been a fantastic time for travel and experiences had.

Robin Williams – you will be missed

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here,  posted anything or worked on the page’s formatting. And that’s not for lack of projects or stuff made or things done or places gone… 
With the recent and tragic death of Robin Williams it’s helped shed some much needed light on the issue of mental health and suicides.
Robin Williams was a great man and a huge part of my childhood – and my life. It’s a tragic loss and ever so much so knowing he chose to take his own life. It’s often those who bring smiles to those around them that feel the most isolated and alone.
I’ve struggled with depression for most of my adult life. Recently I have come through some very hard personal issues and have struggled with where I want to go in my life next. I’ve secluded myself and have been low for months. While there are bright moments in the dark it’s always difficult to remember and hold onto those when you feel empty; bereft.
I’m ok and I will continue to work toward being better. I just hope that if you ever feel you have nowhere to turn and there’s no way out that there is always help. You just need to put out your hand and someone will be there to help you back up again.
And even if I don’t know you personally: I’m here if you ever feel you have nowhere else to turn; to listen, to give guidance, to direct you in the right direction for help you may need.
There are SO many resources out there. I hope if you’re in the dark you can find your way to the light again.

Under Construction

So I am a complete newb when it comes to websites and computery – applicationy stuff and therefore my website is still VERY MUCH a work in progress.

Facebook has been a great help to me and I kind of thought “peh! screw the website! I’ll just do everything on Facebook.” Well that’s what I’ve been doing and I am kicking myself since I wanted a professional face to my brand.

So thank you for visiting! And the website is being worked on. In the meantime please visit my Facebook page! I have a lot of projects posted that you can browse.



Merry Bah-Humbug!

So now that it officially December Christmas is EVERYWHERE. Even since mid-November you’re being bombarded from every angle. I don’t dislike Christmas, I just didn’t grow up having a great time at Christmas so Christmas sort of sneaks up on me and I usually only feel the “spirit” the day of or maybe Christmas Eve.

As much as I enjoy finding gifts for people I also enjoy MAKING gifts for people. As long as I give myself enough time and actually start when I have enough time… Such doesn’t seem the case this year. Darn-it self and your procrastinating ways! They shall get done… Only if I hunker down and if stuff I start doesn’t continue to BREAK so I have to start over… *shakes fist*

I have quite a few projects this year. Some custom painted toys, perhaps a decoration or two, and two gifts that will be called “Christmas” gifts but most likely wont be completed until some time next year: a custom art portfolio (leather and all things fancy!) and a custom wood cupcake tree as a gift for a friend’s wedding next September – but we are calling it a Chrismas gift. Mostly I just have little stuff to finish/start/conceptualize, so I should be finished before Christmas. But if not: it’s the thought that counts – right?… RIGHT?

Oh man… I should just quit my day job! Then I’ll have all-day everyday!

Getting the Hang of it

Hello my lovely page visitors!
So I’m figuring this whole webpage thing out. I’m getting photos up; I have some info about me; I even have a Thank You page! I’m getting the hang of it and I barely need Tony to hold my hand while doing stuff on here anymore!
I say “barely” very liberally… This is still a confusing place to me. Like a whole other planet. Or an episode of Doctor Who – nothing makes sense until near the end.
Web-literacy shall be mine!